Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Interlibrary Loan

Who can use Watzek ILL?

Watzek ILL services are available to students, faculty and staff affiliated with the College of Arts and Sciences or the Graduate School. Those affiliated with the Law School should contact the Boley Law Library. Others, including alumni, should contact their local public library.

Is ILL free?

All costs associated with ILL borrowing are covered by the College. However, we do ask that patrons make requests judiciously to ensure that additional charges aren't required in the future.
All patrons are subject to overdue fines and/or replacement charges for late, missing or damaged ILL materials.

How do I request an item?

Materials and articles can be requested directly from the Watzek catalog and most research databases using the yellow Get Item button. Submitting requests through these resources is the best way to ensure that your citation information is correct.
You can also complete a request form through this site.

How much information do I need to include about the item I request?

Complete citations are very helpful. Book requests should include an ISBN. Article requests should include an ISSN, volume number, year of publication, article title, and author, if possible. Video requests should include the director and year of release. CD requests should include the artist and year of release. If you do not have a complete citation, please ask a reference librarian for help. The more complete your citation, the more likely it is that we will find your materials.

Will I receive a confirmation of my request?

You will see a confirmation message at the top of the page after successfully submitting a request. All pending requests will also be listed on the ILL Main Page and the Pending Requests page.
You can come back to these pages to track the status of your requests. If we are unable to fill your request, you will find it listed on the Request History page.

How long will it take for an item to arrive?

Books and other materials usually arrive in 7-14 days. Articles are usually received in 2-7 days.

How will I be notified when an item arrives?

You will receive a notice via email when the item or article you requested is available.

How long are materials held once they arrive?

Books and other materials are held at the Circulation Desk for seven days. Articles are available online for 30 days.

How long can I keep materials?

Books can be borrowed for three weeks. The loan period for AV materials and other restricted resources is three days.

Can I renew ILL materials?

Renewals are not available.

What happens if I keep materials past the due date?

Overdue fines for ILL materials are assessed at a rate of $0.50/day for the first 10 days, and $1/day thereafter.
The standard replacement charge for an ILL item is $90, which includes a $15 non-refundable service charge. The replacement charge may be larger, depending on the lending library's policies.
All patrons are subject to the charges listed above.

Can I borrow videos, microforms, and CDs?

We will attempt to get anything you request. Please note that many libraries will only lend printed materials.

From where are items borrowed?

We borrow materials from libraries all over the world. We reach out to libraries in the area, first, to expedite requests.

Can I request an item from the Boley Law Library?

Requests for materials from our Law Library should be made using the Request button in our catalog. These items are usually delivered the following business day. You are also welcome to visit Boley to check out books and use other resources.

What is the difference between ILL and Summit?

Summit is a group of nearly 40 academic libraries in the Northwest that have agreed to share books and other materials. With an established delivery system, Summit borrowing is more efficient and faster than ILL.
If an item is not available via Summit, it can be requested using ILL. Requests for journal articles and book chapters should also be submitted through ILL.
Questions about Summit borrowing should be referred to the Watzek Circulation Desk at 503-768-7270.

Does it matter if I request an item through ILL or Summit?

Yes. If an item is available via Summit, please request it through that system (you'll get it sooner!).
If an item is held by Summit schools, but not available for any reason (checked out, local use only, etc), please include this information in the Note field on your ILL request.

Can I visit another library to check out materials myself?

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to visit any Summit library to borrow materials on-site. Bring your current L&C ID card if you plan on borrowing anything. It may be a good idea to call ahead to make sure the item you need can be checked out. A list of Summit libraries, complete with a map and contact information, can be found here.

Can I request an item that Watzek Library owns?

It depends. If one of our items is currently checked out, missing or otherwise unavailable, we would be happy to accept your request. Please make note of the circumstances in your request.
Always be sure to check the library catalog before requesting something through ILL. You may spend valuable time waiting for an item through ILL that you could have in your hands right away.

Are dissertations available via ILL?

While some libraries share dissertations, many do not because of the unique nature of the material. If ILL is unable to borrow dissertations that are necessary for graduate student research, Watzek will purchase the PDF of up to five dissertations per graduate student, per academic year. Please contact ILL for further information.